The apothecary potions are a part of a new strategy in the Hospital Map of Eyes The Horror Game.
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Example of the bottle's abilities

Appearance: Edit

Their appearances are like normal bottles, but one is colored red, and the other is colored green.

Ability: Edit

Depending, either one of the bottles alone will cause nausea (which slows the player down), and blindness.

When drinking two of the same colored bottles, you will either receive extra eyes, or all the bags throughout the map will show themselves being highlighted.

When drinking two bottles that are the opposite color, you will be unable to be seen for a minute by either the Krasue or Charlie, or if you switch the color bottles around, you will get to run for a minute.

Trivia: Edit

  • This is the first time we get a strategy that isn't like the Eyes.
  • The game's description says that the bottles are magical, which explains the abilities.
  • It is unknown as of why these are even in a hospital, since their effects are only temporary.

Gallery: Edit