Double Trouble Mode is a new mode in Eyes The Horror Game. It is by far the most dangerous Mode. The mode cost 500 coins.
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About: Edit

It's overall gameplay is the same. The main difference is now that both The Krasue, and Charlie are the main threats of either maps. They will work together, and even split up to search for the player making it much harder, than Hard Mode.

When this mode, and the Nightmare setting are mixed together, it makes this much more difficult for players. "Trick or Treat?" Mode, and "Endless Mode" are not accessible for this mode.

Trivia: Edit

  • This mode is by far the most dangerous mode in the game so far, unless a new enemy is added.
    • If the player merges this mode with the Nightmare setting, then it makes it nearly impossible to complete.
  • People in the review on the play store have asked the creators to add a mode like this. This is most likely why this mode exist.
  • Even though the mode isn't canon, Charlie, and the Krasue have shown to get along and work together, or unless they care less about each other, and are just doing what they half to do.
  • If a player uses an eye when either one of the ghosts are in front of each other, it reveals that Charlie can't see the Krasue, and the Krasue can't see Charlie.

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