"Get as many money bags as possible before you die; collectibles respawn, monster gets stronger over time"
Endless Mode is one of the playable modes in Eyes The Horror Game. It is a mode where the player is to collect as many bags as they can before getting killed.

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In this mode, you have to collect as many bags as you want. If you leave a floor, and come back, the bags will respawn, as well as the Eye Runes, the Raw Meat, and the Apothecary Potions (in the Hospital Map).

The exit is permanently blocked. The only way to end the game, is if the threat kills you. The longer you are in the game, the faster the enemy will become to the point where they're incredibly fast, and can't be avoided.

Since update 5.2.45, you get coins by collecting bags. (Ex. 2 bag=1 coin)


  • If Krasue gets too fast after waiting a long time, then she will break and stay stuck in the basement going back and forth and sometimes run into the walls.
  • This is the most popular mode so far in Eyes The Horror Game, as many YouTubers try lots of challenges with it such as no Eyes, no Potions, no Running, or on the setting Nightmare making the monsters dangerous enough.
  • A YouTuber by the name LightningBlueDragon MCPE was capable of collecting 1,000 bags on this mode. An example can be found here.