The Enemies (Sometimes called the Monsters) are the main threats in Eyes The Horror Game. They all have unique animations, idle sounds, but all share the same A.I, and speed. It was confirmed that there will be more enemies in the future.

Enemies: Edit

Image- Name- Attacks- Description-
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The Krasue Contact/Bite The Krasue is the game's supposed main antagonist. She has been around Eyes The Horror Game since 2013. She had an original design (Which fans sometimes refer to as the "Original Ghost", or "Air Surfer" before it was changed. She appears as a floating head with red eyes (Whereas, the Eye Runes on the walls match her eyes), sharp teeth, and long black hair with dangling organs producing from her neck. She makes a "lullaby"-like moan when near.
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Charlie Contact Charlie is another antagonist. He has been added to Eyes The Horror Game in 2017, when the game started to get major updates. He appears as a translucent skeleton-looking ghost with missing teeth, yellow eyes, ragged cloak, and a large head. He makes deep chant-like moans when near.

His description is described as being, and an "Impersonation of Ancient Evil., confirming he's not human, and has been around for a while.

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Good Boy Contact/Bite Good Boy is another antagonist, having been added in 2018. He appears as a dog-like creature with grey skin, small tail, feet, and ears. His mouth is filled with sharp teeth, and his behavior is very similar to a dog, but gets easily distracted with raw meat. He makes snarls, and growls when near.

He is described as "Hellish". But it is hard to tell if he's an animal, or just a creature.

Behavior: Edit

They all share the same behavior, but with a little change. To sum it up, the three all wander, or float around the map (Mansion or Hospital), on the search for the player. They will chase the player upon notice, but will lose interest if far away or on another floor, but will still attempt to follow the player.

Depending on the setting the player chooses, the threats will, extremely slow in the Newbie setting, have less slowness in the Easy setting, be slightly faster in the Normal setting, be fast enough to catch the player during mid-escape in the Hard setting, and then even harder to get away from in the Nightmare setting.

Charlie: Edit

For Charlie, he will go through a portrait of himself, and will teleport to another floor, with makes him deadly, but still slows him down, as it takes about four seconds to exit a portrait.

Good Boy: Edit

Good Boy works the same as the Krasue, but the Raw Meat will distract for a short amount of time, before going back to wandering, or chasing. Unlike the other two, he moves a bit faster then the other two.

Trivia: Edit

  • As they're genders are clear, the game refers to them as "It".
    • This could be sense two of them aren't human, and one of them was human.
  • Good Boy has a different animation when walking, and running.
  • The Krasue and Good Boy are the only enemies to bite the player when killing.
    • In addition, the Krasue and Charlie are so far the only enemies to float.
  • The Krasue was referred to as a ghost, before this was changed.
  • Unlike the others, the Krasue had many different death animations.
    1. Original Ghost: A ballet-like dance.
    2. Original Ghost (Mobile): No animation, just still
    3. The Krasue (2013): Her killing the player, was just her animation when floating.
    4. The Krasue (2017): Bobbing her head up and down.
    5. The Krasue (2017-2018): Biting the player with a fast swoop, then lunging before the game cuts to the game over screen.
  • Charlie has a less unique animation when killing.
  • The Krasue has no scream, or roar when killing the player.