"Locate monster by using Eyes Rune to hide from it."
-When picking up an eye
The Eyes Runes (Also known as simply Eye) are the main tool, and the namesake of the game, and have been in the game since 2013. They have the ability to see through the monster's twisted minds of where they're going, or if they're near.

Description: Edit

Appearance (Original design): Edit

In the original look in the first beta, the Eyes were triangular shaped, with three eyelashes. When used, the vision of the Original Ghost would be white, grey, and having a static-like filter.

Appearance (Final design): Edit

In the newer since 2017, they are red bloody almond shaped eyes, with four blood tears dripping from the below. The Eyes appear chipped from the walls, like paint on the wall. In 2013, the Eyes were the same, but weren't chipped.

Effect: Edit

Screen Shot 2017-09-28 at 4.11.15 PM

Old design.

Eye Runes are a pickup object found on walls throughout the house. When using one (by pressing Q, or tapping the Eye icon on mobile), the player will have a view on what the threat is currently seeing. The effect lasts 5 seconds, at the end of those the view comes back to the player's perspective.

While using an eye for when the Krasue is around, the view will be in a negative shader view.

Screen Shot 2017-10-10 at 2.10.35 PM

New design (2017)

While using an eye for when Charlie is around, the view will be in a dark red view. Originally, when using the eyes while Charlie is around, the eyes show third-person views of paintings of Charlie. The eyes show what painting he is, or is going to come out of.

When using an eye for when the Good Boy is around, the view will be in a dark grey view. It's the same as the Krasue's.

Modes: Edit

Standard Mode:

The Eyes are the main tool, and are located everywhere around the Mansion, or Hospital. When spawning in the Mansion, the player spawns in front of one.

Endless mode:

In the Endless Mode, the player can collect as many Eyes as they want. If they leave a floor, and come back, the bags (and the Money Bags, and Raw Meat too) will respawn.

Locations: Edit

Here are known locations of the eyes in the Mansion:

Main Floor: Edit

  • On the wall, adjacent to the grandfather clock in the ground floor.
  • On the wall, near the ladders in the ground floor.
  • On the wall of the corner room of the ground floor.
  • In the fireplace room, on the wall to the left.
  • In the dining room, on the walls of the corner nearest to the table.
  • In the kitchen, on the walls of the corner with the sink.

Top Floor: Edit

  • In the computer room; activate the printer, then take the Eye that it prints out.
  • In the bathroom near the tub.
  • In the record room, near the record.
  • On the wall of the corners near the safe.
  • By one of the doors in the big room.
  • On top of the book on the staircase.
  • Inside the candle room.

Basement: Edit

  • By the stairs in the basement.
  • Near the green generators above the cement bags.
  • In the room with the green doors.
  • In front of the barrels on either sides if the map.
  • Inside the room that requires a key.
  • Inside a stack of crates by the gate door.
  • Sitting by a metal shelf near the ground pipe.
  • Near the ground pipe.

Here are known locations of the eyes in the Hospital:

Main Floor: Edit

  • In the left hallway, inside a room to the right.
  • In the left hallway, on the wall.
  • In the left hallway, near the stairs.
  • In the right hallway, the the right room.
  • In the right hallway, in the bathroom in the second room.
  • Five eyes can be earned when drinking two potions in the right order.

Top Floor: Edit

  • Two can be found in the hallway, you first enter in.
  • Another eye can be found in the left side of the hallway, when going around the corner.
  • Multiple eyes can be found in the three rooms of this floor.

Downstairs (Left): Edit

  • One can be found in the showers. (Both sides)
  • Near a curtain.

Downstairs (Right): Edit

  • One can be found near a large storage compartment.

Trivia: Edit

  • If the player uses an Eye Rune while the threat is close to him, it's possible to see the Robber's model. The death animation will be still be triggered resulting in, often, killing the player however the jumpscare will still be seen.
  • Strangely, the Krasue has a negative-blue color for her vision, despite her hostile, monstrosity nature.
  • When looking closely at an eye, they resemble the Krasue's as they are red, and leaking blood. This is clear as the Krasue has blood red eyes, and faintly leaking/crying blood.
    • Strangely, Charlie uses the same eyes as the Krasue, but his are a misted yellow and are perfectly round.
      • The same goes for the Good Boy as it's hard to tell if it even has eyes.
  • In the first version of the game, when using the ghost's vision it would show the Robber was just a floating flashlight before this was changed.
    • In the first version of the game, the Eyes had eyelashes, and we're black instead of red.
  • The eyes appear to have been painted on the walls. Unknown as of who or what did it.
  • With Charlie having red vision, this could reference his description being called a "Ancient impersonation of evil", meaning Charlie is indeed pure evil.
  • They're referred to as "Runes", which means they're ancient, which could explain their existence.
    • It is unknown how they're here, and how they're able to see through the monsters's eyes.

Gallery: Edit