(Note: The game is still under development due to future updates that will be added)

Update: 5.4.2

Updated on: December 30, 2017

Season: Season 2

Whats New: Double Trouble and Trick or Treat modes work with Hospital map now

Description: Edit

"Face grave danger in the form of ancient haunting phantom Charlie and bloodthirsty, vengeance-seeking monstrosity Krasue with macabre, bizarre appearance (more ghosts and monsters to come).

Explore and plunder the eerie abandoned mansion, a creepy old hospital and other scary places.

Use location's unique features to your advantage - use mystical powers of Eye runes to gain insight into monster’s twisted mind, drink apothecary potions to gain temporary enhancements, consult hand-drawn map to plan your risky endeavour.

Experience deep, dark atmosphere of horror and terror with unsettling ambient music and freaky, unearthly ghost voices and sounds.

Compete with other players in the challenging endless mode, gain numerous achievements and take the first spot in the global leaderboards."

About: Edit

Eyes The Horror Game is a horror game setting around a mansion, where a thief is to collect 20 (Or 8, 12 and 30) money bags. While doing so, the player will be chased by a ghost, as there are rumors of hauntings in the mansion. If you like Slender, you'll like this game.

The game is developed by Paulina Pabis, and now is also being helped by Michael Pabis.

Characters (So far): Edit

The Robber The main protagonist of Eyes The Horror Game, with an unknown fate.
The Krasue A monster with a unknown past origins, the protector of the house, and the game's true main antagonist.
Charlie A ancient manifestation of evil, and an antagonist of the game.

(Character Locked: Cost 500 coins)

The Magic Pumpkin A harmless, cute, and non-canon character only seen in the Halloween mode, "Trick or Treat?".

Locations (So far): Edit

Mansion A abandoned mansion with three floors, lots of rooms, and lots of secrets. Use Eye runes to foresee, collect all the bags, and get back to the exit.
Hospital A abandoned old hospital with lots of rooms, and lots of apothecary potions to aid the player to their victory, aid, or doom.

(Location Locked: cost 500 coins)

Modes: Edit

Standard Mode The game's main gameplay- with five difficulty settings; Newbie, Easy, Normal, Hard, and Nightmare. Collect 8, 12, 20, or 30 moneys bags, then get back to the exit.
Endless Mode Get as many money bags as possible before you die; collectibles respawn, and the monster will be stronger, and faster over time. (Mode Locked: Cost 500 coins)
Trick or Treat? Mode A Halloween-themed mode- chase the running Magic Pumpkin to get big bonus coins, and the player must collect candies instead of bags.

(Mode Locked: Cost 100 coins)

Double Trouble Mode  In this Mode- Test your skills and bravery against both the Krasue and Charlie on the same map together, working together, making a deadly duo. (Mode Locked: Cost 500 coins)

Trivia: Edit

  • The game's description reveals that there will be more enemies, and maps in the future.
  • So far, the Krasue's backstory remains unknown as of why she's here.
    • If Charlie is canon to the lore of Eyes, then it also remains unknown as of why he's here.
  • The hospital map was given a different strategy for the player to collect red and green bottles to merge them in order to give the player abilities.
  • The game first started in 2013, and didn't get updates until the start of 2017.
  • In the very first release of the game, another character named Sam was mentioned being another partner of the Robber.
  • Since the game was getting updated a lot in 2017, the creator originally was gonna rename the game to "Eyes: The Haunt". This idea was changed, and the creator kept the name "Eyes The Horror Game".
  • So far, the Nightmare setting and Double Trouble Mode are the most dangerous modes yet seeing as how there are two monsters moving incredibly fast with not much room to run, or any rooms to hide in time.

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