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This is a wiki about everything you need to know on Eyes the horror game. What is the enemy's behavior? Why do things shake? What do the red eyes show us? Everything about that is right here.

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Eyes The Horror Game is a survival horror game developed by Paulina Pabis in 2013 for Microsoft Windows, Mac OS, Linux, Android and iOS.

The player is a thief who has to collect 20 money bags (30 in hard mode and 12 in casual mode) randomly placed in an abandoned house. The player soon discovers, however, that the house is haunted by a mysterious creature and he has to run to survive and not being killed by monster. On the walls of the house is possible to find some painted red eyes that enable the player to see what the creature is currently seeing, in order to prepare a strategy.

You must make it to the exit upon collecting all the bags, or it will get you.

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