These are all glitches, and bugs that are in Eyes The Horror Game from 2013-2017. The glitches and bugs that are in the game half to do with the map, and/or enemies.

Only two glitches were not fixed. For more info on them, watch this video.


  • A common glitch is where the Krasue can enter rooms she's not suppose to enter, but can get stuck from objects, mostly by furniture. The most popular one is called the "Toilet Glitch". (Fixed)
  • In the basement, if the player stands by a small generator near the stairs, while facing the stairs, the Krasue wills stop at it, and remain stationary unless the player moves. (Fixed)
  • If the player stands behind the tubes on the Generator, then the Krasue will stop behind the player, and remain stationary unless the player moves, resulting in an instant death. (Fixed)
  • If the player goes into the fireplace room, and jumps through the window then they'll have a chance to make it to the basement where one of the Krasue's spawn point is. She will remain stationary unless the player collects 3 bags, or uses a eye. (Only in computer/Fixed)
  • There is a popular, and helpful glitch where if the player stands under the stairs, then the Krasue will not see the player. But the more they stay there, the faster she'll go and eventually kill the player. (Only in computer/Fixed)
    • Similar to the stair glitch, if the player rushes into the middle of the stairs, then they'll clip through. This still won't save the player as soon as the Krasue enters the basement, where she'll kill the player. (Fixed)
  • Being in a corner of of an hallway can make the Krasue not noticing you and just ignoring you. (Fixed)
  • When the game started to get updates in 2017, there was a bug where if the player stood in the left side corner of the stairs while the Krasue came down, she would fly past, then spot the player, and will do it again in a continuous loop unless the player moves, or if the Krasue decides to go upstairs. (Fixed)


  • When the map was first added, if the player stays in the spawn point, the threat will go by and not see the player unless it approaches the spawn point, or if the player moves around the spawn point. (Fixed)
  • A bug is found in the left side of the downstairs where is the player stands behind a small curtain, then Charlie can't get the player, but will be in front of the player meaning the player has to die. This does not work on the Krasue. (Yet to be fixed)