The Hospital map is a new location added to Eyes The Horror Game.


Appearance: Edit

Just like the Mansion, it has three floors (four if you include the left and right hallway that lead to some downstairs room), and like the mansion, there are Eyes, and money bags around the place.

Middle Floor:

You first spawn in front of the exit. When you turn around, there are benches by the player, and stairs straight ahead of the player, and two hallways that lead to the downstair rooms. When going down either one of the hallways, there will be two rooms on both hallways. On the walls of each of the rooms show pictures of two bottles (the red and green bottles throughout the map), adding each other will give the player abilities to win the game .

Top Floor:

The top floor goes around in a square, and is the spawn point that the Krasue and Charlie spawn at the most. Around each corner are rooms, and each room all have beds, and sometimes lots of bottles and money bags in them.


Both the downstairs looks the same, but still look different in appearance. In one part of the room, there is a hospital bed, and a curtain by it near the stairs when turning right. If either one of the ghosts spot you, they will try and attack, but can't get past the bed, so it gives new players a chance to get a good look at the monsters. In the other downstairs room, there are a lot of showers.

Trivia: Edit

  • This is the first new map to have the run button.
  • When it was first added, the map could be unlocked by completing Normal or Hard Mode.
    • This was later changed, now it costs 500 coins in order to get it.
  • This map wasn't playable in the "Trick or Treat?" mode.
    • This was later changed.
  • This map could be canon, but it remains unknown as of why the Robber is here.
  • Compared to the Mansion, this map is a bit more safer, and bigger.
    • However, this map can be dangerous is both threats are in the map together.

Gallery: Edit