"Jack says you should get at least 20K..."

-The Robber's partner mentioning Jack's advice.
Jack is a minor characters in Eyes The Horror Game, and one of the Robber's partners.

Description: Edit

Appearances: Edit

Jack is only mentioned in the first beta version of Eyes The Horror Game, as the Robber's partner mentions Jack says we should get all the bags needed, and to make a map since the Mansion is huge.

Personality: Edit

So far, all that is known is that Jack gives tips to the Robber's first partner about the house, to tell him to collect a certain amount of Money Bags.

Jack appears to know his way around the Mansion.

Trivia: Edit

  • Jack is the only one of the criminals to have a confirmed name.
  • Jack is only mentioned, and is never seen in-game like the other partner.
  • Unlike the Robber, and his partner, Jack has no dialogue at all, and is only mentioned.
    • In addition, unlike the others, Jack knows his way around the Mansion.
  • Originally, Jack was named Sam.