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"Never gonna give you up..."
-Her first lines on the phone.

Krasue (originally called The Ghost) is the presumed main antagonist in Eyes The Horror Game.



She has the appearance of a severed floating head with long black hair. Her eyes are red, and appear to be faintly leaking blood, with her natural eye color being green-ish blue.

Her jaws are filled with sharp vampire-like teeth, especially having two pointed fangs, with her cheeks having large rips on the sides, making the mouth look like a large smile, with her skin being completely pale.

Below her neck are dangling organs, resembling two intestines (possibly her esophagus), and her stomach but with no sign of a heart or lungs.


Standard Mode:

In the main mode, she will go up or down the stairs in search of the player, and will chase the player upon contact, or notice.

The player can use an Eye Rune to foresee her vision to know where she's at. When near, she makes ghost-like moans similar to a lullaby, and everything around her will violently shake, or flicker.

She will lose interest in chasing the player if they're in another room, or another floor, but will still attempt to follow the player.

Depending on the setting the player chooses, Krasue will be:

  • Extremely slow in the Newbie setting.
  • Less slowness in the Easy setting. 
  • Slightly faster in the Normal setting. 
  • Fast enough to catch the player during mid-escape in the Hard setting. 
  • And then harder to get away from in the Nightmare setting.
Endless Mode:

In Endless Mode, she will do the same job: searching the map, and looking for the player, but over time Krasue will get faster, and faster the more the player continues to search making things more difficult, especially with her fast speed.

Double Trouble Mode:

In this mode, she and Charlie will both search for the player together on whatever map is chosen by the player. What will make her dangerous sis if the player is distracted by Charlie as she lingers in the halls, making them a deadly duo.


(Note: The actual quote on the phone are in reverse)

"Never gonna give you up... never gonna let you down... never gonna run around and desert you... never gonna make you cry... never gonna say goodbye... never gonna tell a lie and hurt you."


  • Krasue's appearance has changed twice since the game was launched. She now appears to be a woman's severed, floating head with internal organs dangling from inside the neck, resembling such creatures of Southeast Asian folklore as Thailand's "Krasue", Malaysia's "Penanggalan", Indonesia's "Palasik",  Bali's "Leyak", Borneo's "Kuyang", Cambodia's "Ahp" and Philippines' "Manananggal". For more info of Krasue, go here.
  • In the description for the game, it describes Krasue as "Vengeance-seeking".
  • Due to Krasue's popularity, her official model was seen in other games by other developers. Some of the games being Occupation 2, Indigo Lake, Gynophobia, Blinding Dark, Residence Of Living Dead Evils (ROLDE). In most of these games, she has normal blue eyes instead for her usual red eyes.
  • She and Good Boy are so far the only monsters who bite the player when killing. However her's a fast swoop, as Good Boy just lunges at the player.
    • In addition, she and Charlie are so far the only monsters to float.
  • Her name being Krasue, is exactly what she is. But she's referred to as plain "Krasue", instead of "The Krasue".
  • In the Hospital map (In version 5.5.36), Krasue is given a different face, which is a young girl face with glassics, and freckles. This turned out to of been a mistake.
  • Now in version 5.5.48, the player can customize her face, or audio as option.


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