Money bags are collectible objects that can be found randomly placed around the house, and the Hospital. To pick up one, point at the bag, and left click (or touch it if on mobile).



They resemble small duffle bags tied up. In the old/computer version of the game, they would make a small glow when far away in the dark making them easy to see.

When in the Halloween Mode, they are two suckers, a cupcake, and a donut since they're suppose to represent treats in Halloween.


Standard Mode:

The bag count is at the bottom of the game screen, shown like this:

Bags Collected / Bags Needed

Once the player collects the specified amount of bags, the player may access the steel door in front of the bedroom to finish the game. The player may collect more bags than the amount specified, but this will not avail anything whatsoever.

The more bags found, the more frequent the ghosts will be changing floors.

Endless mode:

In the Endless Mode, the player can collect as many bags as they want. If they leave a floor, and come back, the bags (and the eyes too) will respawn.

Trick or Treat Mode:

In this mode, they are all replaced with candies, and treats since it's Halloween themed. There are more than thirty that the player may get if they want.