"This will keep the beast busy for a while."
-The Robber talking about the raw meat.

The Raw Meats are one of the main objects in Eyes The Horror Game.


Standard Mode:

In the main mode, the player starts off with two in the spawn room, and can be used against Good Boy if needed. The player only has a limited amount around the place.

Endless mode:

In the Endless Mode, the player can collect as many Raw Meats as they want. If they leave a floor, and come back, the meats (and the bags, and eyes too) will respawn.

Trick or Treat? Mode:

In the Halloween Mode, they are still scattered around the place.


The player can collect a limited amount (Depending on the mode), and use them against the Good Boy. When he's near, the player is to toss it at Good Boy, and he will be busy eating it for few sconds, before getting continuing to wander, or chase the player.


  • Is is currently unknown where the raw meat comes from, and why there's so many.
  • When giving Good Boy the raw meat for the first time, the player will rewarded with an achievement called "Good Boy".