"A safe combination found."
-When picking it up
The Safe Combination is one of the main tools used in Eyes The Horror Game, and has been in the game since 2013. It is used on one circumstance, to open a locked safe.

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The Safe Combination is a pickup object found around the Mansion. When using it (by clicking, or tapping it on mobile).

Once found, the player may use it to open a safe that is nearby in the Top Floor outside the record room. After doing so, it's no use anymore.


  • On the table in the Printer room. (Top Floor)
  • In the basement, inside a large room. (Basement)
  • In the room with the book. (Top Floor)

Locations (Originally):

  • On the table in the printer room. (Top Floor, and only location.)


  • The Safe Combination is another reference to how criminals always go for a safe to steal money, and often use a safe combination to get into it.
  • Originally, the combination was a piece of paper with more detail, such as the four digits; "1111", and small writing on it.
    • now in 2018, it's a simple sheet of paper with the four digits "1234".
  • In the computer version, the combination would only be in the Printer room.
    • Since the 2017 updates, the combination would be randomly generated, and sometimes hard to spot because it's small.