"A safe combination found."
-When picking it up

The Safe Combination is one of the many main tools used in Eyes The Horror Game.


The Safe Combination is a pickup object found around the Mansion. When using it (by clicking, or tapping it on mobile).

Once found, the player may use it to open a safe that is nearby in the Top Floor outside the record room. After doing so, it's no use anymore.


  • On the table in the Printer room. (Top Floor)
  • In the basement, inside a large room. (Basement)
  • In the room with the book.(Top Floor)

Locations (Originally):

  • On the table in the printer room. (Top Floor, and only location.)


  • The Safe Combination is a reference to how criminals always go for a safe to steal money, and often use a safe combination to get into it.
  • Originally, the combination was a piece of paper with more detail, such as the four digits; "1111", and small writing on it. Now in 2018, it's a simple sheet of paper with the four digits "1234".
  • In the computer version, the combination would only be in the Printer room.
    • Since the 2017 updates, the combination would be randomly generated, and sometimes hard to spot because it's small.