"This saw might be useful."
-When picking up the saw
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The saw is a new tool in Eyes The Horror Game. It is used on one circumstance, where is can be used to open a boarded up door in the candle room.



It resembles a regular saw that engineer uses, with a brown handle, and a metal blade. It kinda resembles a hacksaw a little due to it's handle, but resembles more of a handsaw.


The saw can be found only once in each floor when starting the game. It's only in the Mansion map.

  • In the piano room next to the door.
  • In the bathroom upstairs.
  • By the barrels close to the generators laying on some rope (See third picture)


  • The saw is a reference to how actual robbers normally use a saw to break into places or rooms.
  • This is the first time we can get a hand held tool, other than the player's old flashlight, that becomes useful.
  • The saw lacks animation when used to cut the door down. This is probably an oversight, or didn't have time to animate it.

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