Standard Mode is the main mode in Eyes The Horror Game since 2013. It has five settings for the player to try; Newbie, Easy, Normal, Hard, and Nightmare.

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About: Edit

Standard Mode is the main story part of the game as it follows with a Robber breaking into the house, and collecting all the bags, while the threat (Either the Krasue, or Charlie) are lingering around attempting to kill the player.

Upon completing the game, the Robber explains to his partner that something was in the house, before getting attacked. The story ends there as the line says "Disconnected", meaning the Robber was likely killed, with the game fully ending with a ghost moan.

Trivia: Edit

  • The reason for the setting modes are to test the player, or give new players a chance since the game is difficult when not being aware of their surroundings, or not knowing what the threat is.
  • This mode is basically a Story Mode.
  • This mode has existed since Eyes The Horror Game was released, but it wasn't considered a mode until the 2017 updates started.
  • Many fans have said the ending wasn't much, and was terrible. This may be true, but it also leads to the question, "did the Robber actually die?"
  • Apparently, Charlie is revealed to be canon as his moan can be heard when the game ends.

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