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This is a non-canon character that is added for fun.
The Jack-o-lantern is a non-canon character added to Eyes The Horror Game the Halloween mode "Trick or Treat?".


It appears as a small normal Jack-o-lantern', but with green leaves as it's feet, and hands, and a large leaf on top of the head.

It has a glowing yellow smile, and triangular eyes with black pupils. Unlike traditional Jack-o-lanterns, this one has three square teeth instead of the classic jagged teeth.


The magic Pumpkin is first seen outside in the hallway jumping up and down in circles. If the player goes near it, it will run either up, or down stairs.

Eventually, it will trip and sit down. When tapping it, the player will be given coins and the Jack-o-lantern will run away and do the same thing over again.


  • Unlike the Krasue and Charlie, it is the only physical character that will not attack the player.
  • Most likely, the Magic Pumpkin could be playing a game with the Robber as it runs around, and runs away from the player.
    • The Pumpkin can still be considered a distraction if the player does not pay attention to their surroundings as the ghosts are still around.
  • As seen when either threats are around, the Krasue and Charlie don't seem to mind the Magic Pumpkin.
    • Then again, they're probably more focused on chasing after the Robber.