"I feel like... there was something in this house..."
-His final quotes

The Robber is the main protagonist of Eyes The Horror Game, and the character we play as. He is always playable in the maps.



His appearance is a middle-aged man wearing a short-sleeved grey shirt, brown eyes and dark blue jeans. He seems to have very short brown hair.

Seeing him in full color was only able to be seen when using the eye runes when Charlie is around, before this was changed.

When the threats are near, or when he runs out of stamina (In the computer version) he makes heavy breathing sounds.


"Seems legit, any other tips?" -Original quote

"Seems legit, anything else you didn't tell me??" -Original quote (Changed)

"Anything else?" -Current quote

"I don't wanna talk now sorry..." -Completing the game

"I feel like.. there was something in this house, it's coming for me, I can feel it, It's here!" -Supposed death, and final words.


  • In the first release of the game, when using the Original Ghost's vision, he is shown to just be a floating flashlight.
    • When Krasue was added it was the same, but in the mobile version he was invisible with no model, or the flashlight at all.
  • In update 5.3.38 Charlie was now given his own vision, so the Robber's full model with color can no longer be seen within 3rd person. But his full model, and overall design is still the same.
  • He is confirmed to have his official name confirmed soon.
  • He has been in the game longer than any character. Same applies to Krasue.


Eye Rune visions: