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This is a page for theories, and speculation only. All therories have yet to been proven until confirmed.

These are the some theories fans, and YouTubers have about Eyes The Horror Game throughout the four years the game existed.

Theories: Edit

Krasue backstory 1:
  • By stated by the phone call (in the call, the female voice says she will never give you up) in the printer room, it may indicate that the Robber murdered of what the Krasue used to be.
    • Another theory for this is that the phone call could be from the Krasue as she is the only female in-game. It is unknown if she made the phone call, as she doesn't have a body, or arms to hold a phone, as it seems the Robber picks up the phone and listens instead of hearing a message.
      • In game, Krasue's description is "Vengeance-Seeking", which means she may have a grudge against the Robber for killing her.
        • This is unlikely as the Robber apparently doesn't know the way around the Mansion, meaning he was never in the house before.
Krasue backstory 2:
  • A theory stated the Krasue and the older version of her (sometime nicknamed the original ghost) are both different entities: the Krasue was once a beautiful woman who was ready for her future marriage and she look in her basement to search some stuff when a fire suddenly occurred. The door of the basement was closed, she didn't have the key and she was burning, until a strange spirit (the spirit is the Original Ghost, who was the resident before her) came to her, offering a deal: the spirit said she will stop the flames before it reaches the next floor and asking her to take his/her place. The woman quickly agreed and the spirit put her as the new ghost, the Krasue we know today. The link to the video

Note: This is a fan-made story. None of it is canon, nor proven by Paulina Pabis.

Charlie's backstory 1:
  • One popular theory for the monster Charlie is actually a creature, and was never human in the first place. This can be supported since Charlie has only four fingers unlike real human hands, and and a rather large skull (similar to an animals) compared to the Krasue's who was human in the first place.
Charlie's backstory 2:
  • Another theory states Charlie was a human and the husband of The Krasue before her death. He married a different women. He soon has a dream of a creature, and starts to hear moans of a creature in the house, which drives him insane to the point he murdered his wife, drew 8 paintings of the creature he dreamed of, and kills himself. he creature eats his body, and now the newly formed Charlie (looking like the creature from his dream) now haunts with the Krasue. The link to the video is

Note: This is a fan-made story. None of it is canon, as Paulina recently confirmed Charlie was never human, nor was the groom of the Krasue.

The Robber's fate:
  • While many have speculated that when we beat the game, we die from the enemy anyways. This can't be confirmed as all it says is "Disconnected" meaning the Robber was just attacked, but survived by being rescued, or ran away from the monster(s).
The Mansion's residents:
  • The mansion is a unknown place, but was apparently abandoned for quite some time, and is also the resting place of the Krasue, and the haunted house of the creature Charlie. The paintings outside the hallway are several portraits of the possible residents of the household.
The Candle, and Book Room:
  • In a room in the top floor of the Mansion there are two rooms. One is a large room with rope, and a candlelight. Judging by this, this was possibly used for human sacrifices. The book in the other room could be used to make rituals which could explain Charlie's existence, and Krasue's hostile behavior.
The Portal:
  • In the Top Floor, there is a door being locked with wood planks. You need to take the saw (which is often seen in the Middle Floor) to cut the planks and access to the room. Once you enter, there is a staircase that leads to a strange light in the form of a small sphere, that sucks particle to it's center: that's The Portal. If you get close enough and touch The Portal, you will teleport into a different place (any rooms in the Mansion's rooms). Some says it has a connection with the open book in the Book Room, maybe the book has some casting spells and other sorcery stuff in it. And it is maybe the reason why Charlie is here: a portal that help him teleport in our world.
The Noose:
  • In the Basement, you can find a noose tied to a pipe. A theory explain about the Original Ghost from Krasue's 2nd backstory commited suicide with the noose and now haunts the house, then Krasue (human beforehand), came to take the house as her own and the events of the 2nd backstory begin. Another one describes how the Krasue killed herself and with the time, maggots ate her flesh to the level of her neck. With the time, her neck being eaten to the bone and the weight of her body combined makes her body falling on the ground. Thus making a floating head that haunts the Mansion.
Blood:(under construction)
  • In the kitchen, you can find blood on a corner and a wall. In some other places too.
The Prison:(under construction)
  • In the Basement, there is a small room that looks like a prison cell, with a metalic door. You need the Basement Key, that can be found in your spawn point (in the small cabinet), in the closet, the place where the french song plays, the bathroom, the fire place. This could lead there was some kind of ''tortures'' related to the rituals (Candle Room) and the Book (Book Room). An interesting fact: one of the Krasue's spawning points is in that place.
The French Song Theory:(under construction)
  • In the french song ''Qui?'' (Who?), some people believe the lyrics are hinting about the Krasue. This theory is somehow hard to believe since it talks about love and dancing, and the fact that it's the complete opposite of the Krasue who is described to be evil, bloodthirsty, and persistent.